Friday, April 17, 2009

2009 Fall Season Preview?

USA Today featured a rundown of what shows have been renewed, what's cancelled and what's still on the bubble.

Here's the link.

I have to say, I am absolutely shocked to see Medium and My Name Is Earl on NBC's bubble list. I can only assume they're not really on the bubble but have just not been announced for renewal yet. If not, I'm gonna be rather angry. This better not be a side effect of that ludicrous Jay Leno 10pm debacle.

I was also surprised to see other network shows that are on the bubble, such as and Samantha Who?The Unit. With all the praise Samantha Who? recieved last year I would have expected it to make it past season 2. As for The Unit, if it's ratings are lagging only one thing can be blamed: sports. It's constantly pre-empted so fans probably miss it quite often.

As for cancellations, the only one that really surprised me was Eleventh Hour. I've enjoyed that show since the beginning. The characters are great and I found the premise and story lines to rather interesting. It's somewhat shocking to see a procedural cop shows taken off like that.

I was also sort of surprised by NBC's cancellation of Life. It hasn't really been all that great this season but the great camera work, action sequences and soundtrack are still A+.

Download them at iTunes: Medium, Life, The Unit, Samantha Who?, My Name Is Earl.

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