Saturday, April 18, 2009

ABC Moves Cupid, The Unusuals/Southland Does Well For NBC

ABC has high hopes for their new quirky cop show The Unusuals so they're playing around with it a bit. This week the one hour show will air two new episodes, bumping Cupid on Tuesday night and then also sticking with it's usual Wednesday night airing. Not a good sign for Cupid fans, but great for The Unusuals.

The move is to see if a Dancing With The Stars lead-in will help the new show as it's current lead, Lost, isn't doing much for it. In the long term I'm not sure where that leaves Cupid, but in the short, it'll be back next week.

In other news, NBC's new cop drama, Southland, managed to keep it's ratings the second week just as high at it did for the premiere. That's a feat, considering NBC has been offering the show on demand and it's Thursday 10pm slot was previously filled by ER. ER may have gotten a ton of hype this last season with old characters returning and it being the final season and all, but if I recall correctly, this time last year when they announced the show would finally end most people replied "That's still on?".

I'm happy to hear Southland is doing well, too. If the rest of the season is as good as the first two episodes, I think NBC may have a long runner here.

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