Monday, April 27, 2009

Heroes Cops Out

Tonight's season finale of Heroes was pretty fantastic at times. The death of Nathan, Peter's limo surprise for Sylar, seeing the syringe disappear from Danko's hand, Parkman erasing Sylar's mind, the cleansing bonfire, the surprise return of Nikki. Good stuff all around.

Except for the one scene which could have probably been the greatest the series had ever seen.

I'm talking about when Peter and Nathan tag teamed Sylar in the hotel room, of course. Their walk and talk down the long hotel corridor, the build up, I was expecting a battle of biblical proportions, a fight to end all fights...And we got blue light shining on Claire's eyeball. What a freakin' cop out.

Whether it was budget cuts or time constraints it was pretty disappointing. The story lines for both the end of Volume 4 and the beginning of Volume 5 lived up to my expectations. It's a shame the execution didn't.

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  1. Check out this interview with Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar in which they discuss the finale and their "special" relationship: