Sunday, April 26, 2009

Salma Hayek's Frak'n T-Shirt

Was it a shameless plug or Tina Fey's tribute to the loss of weekly BSG? Perhaps a random joke inserted into 20-something minutes of random jokes or a way to light a fire under the legion of blogger nerds. Whatever it was, Salma Hayek showing up in a Battlestar Galactica T-shirt on this week's 30 Rock was certainly a "What The Frak" moment heard 'round the world.

A busty beauty like Hayek wearing a nerdy T-shirt, complete with the BSG logo on back, while confessing a dark secret was probably the high light of many of a geek's night.

Let's face it, though, part of 30 Rock's genius is the complete randomness peppered throughout pretty much every line of every scene - "It hurts more than my foot botox", Brian William's at home or Liz Lemmon singing "Night Cheese" in a Snuggie. Random oddities and snide product placement are the fuel of this show so I'll probably chalk it up to that.

Also, BSG airs on NBC sister net Sci-Fi (I refuse to go along with that SyFy crap) and we all know Jack Donaghy is a big fan of "synergy".

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1 comment:

  1. I found one that look pretty much the same. Just bought it for my wife. It's frakin' awesome! Can't wait to give it to her. It doesn't have the seal (probably some copyright issue I'm sure!) but way cooler than the WTF shirts you find on the official site. go to and enter "what the frak" you'll find it in first position