Monday, May 11, 2009

120 Minutes Flashback

Week two of our new feature, 120 Minutes Flashback. For the first post, I thought I'd celebrate by posting a double shot. Well, I've decided I'm going to make each week a double shot as I'm having a really hard time choosing which videos to post. The show was on over 15 years so there's plenty to choose from.

I thought this week I would post both of the world premiere videoes from the week of August 2, 1992. The first is Almost Gold, a chilled out dreamy number by fuzz-stars Jesus And Mary Chain. To balance that out, we'll follow the fuzz with heavy riffs and heavy politics: Ministry's New World Order from the Psalm 69 album. Coincidentally, this was the song that made me a Ministry fan all those years ago.

Jesus And Mary Chain - Almost Gold

Ministry - New World Order

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