Tuesday, May 26, 2009

120 Minutes Flashback

This week's 120 Minutes Flashback comes courtesy of Bob Mould. The episode aired week of June 13, 1993 and Bob Mould was already well known in the indie rock scene for quite some time by the summer of 1993.

Mould, of course, got his start way back in the late 70's by forming Husker Du, who became a seminal punk/indie band throughout the 80's. After Husker Du's meltdown, Mould recorded some solo work and then surprised the world by joining another band, Sugar, in the early 90's early again becoming a solo artist. The band did well in the realm of college and alternative radio throughout the mid-90's and this week's episode featured two Sugar videos and an interview with the man himeself.

I would normally shy away from posting two videos of the same band, even if they did air on the same episode of 120 Minutes, but the two songs are pretty different in style, which makes for a pretty great introduction to the band and Mould's later song writing. I do not mean, though, to pass this off as a total representation of the man's career as Husker Du was quite different from Sugar, but similar enough to appeal to the same fans.

Mould still writes and records as a solo artist and, when in a live setting, is good about performing songs from throughout his 30 year career.

Sugar - If I Can't Change Your Mind

Sugar - Tilted

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