Saturday, May 2, 2009

Better Off Ted Responds To Obama

Better Off Ted producers were not very happy to be bumped by President Obama's news conference last Wednesday. Admittedly, sweeps is a bad time for such things. Fox blew the president off, but other nets carried the broadcast, which was viewed by 29 million people, by the way.

One of the shows pulled off the air for the week was ABC's Better Off Ted. The series doesn't have opening titles or a theme song, rather each week we're given a new commercial for the show's fictional corporation, Veridian Dynamics. I greatly enjoy these "commercials" and am very disappointed in ABC for not using them in a viral campaign before the series ended.

Anyway, Better Off Ted producers responded to not being on the air this week with a new Veridian Dynamics commercial aimed at the Pres.

I'm definitely hoping for a second season of Better Off Ted.

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