Friday, May 15, 2009

Casey Wilson On The Internet

Unlike some at TVSquad, I am a fan of Saturday Night Live's Casey Wilson. She's funny, smart (or seemingly so - never met her, of course), beautiful and plays some pretty great parts - Chasing The Train with Zac Efron was a funny sketch.

In a new funnyordie video Casey boldly tackles the comments on her imdb page. Everyone in the world, famous or not, has probably googled themselves at some point. The difference is, if you're famous you're probably gonna find a lot of...not nice stuff about you.

The video shows Casey reading comments one by one and reacting in various ways, from laughing them off to actually being...kinda hurt. Someone claiming she makes them want to break their TV seems to hit her particularly hard and the video seems as if it'll end on a down note until a certain someone who may or may not like eating couches pops in for a cameo.

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