Sunday, May 3, 2009

In Treatment Mid-Season Review

We're nearly half way through season 2 of In Treatment, so I thought I'd give some thoughts. We'll begin by saying that I was a great fan of season 1 and had pretty high hopes for season 2. Thankfully, they've been far exceeded thus far.

The week starts off with Mia, our middle-aged lawyer who has a past history with Doc Paul. As I mentioned in this earlier post at the beginning of the season, she reminds me of Laura from the first season with 20 years added to her. Her main goal in these sessions seems to be getting a rise out of Paul. She's jealous and angry and tries her hardest to hurt him or make him jealous. Mondays are certainly my least favorite day of the week.

Tuesdays are April's heartbreaking turn. She's progressively getting sicker and it shows. Allison Pill is stunning as the exhausted, lonely, frustrated girl. Facing death alone and still worrying about her brother. I'm glad Dr. Paul is breaking professional conduct by escorting her to the hospital.

Oliver and his parents take over Wednesdays. I have to say that of all the characters this season Oliver is the one that hits me the hardest. This kid is going through what millions all over the world are, yet it hurts to watch. He's not overly emotional, but he's smart for his age and tends to over think everything, taking the world upon his shoulders.

Walter is another stunner. There's so much anger in this man, yet he tries so damn hard to keep composed. His two worlds are crashing down around him, his daughter in Rwanda and being ousted from his high-profile job. He's afraid of being useless and John Mahoney's baggy eyes and creased face shows so much sorrow. You feel bad for a corporate titan - someone you usually do not care for.

Fridays, as with last season, are Paul and Gina talking through his life. This year they're digging deep into the traumas of Paul's childhood and while the anger and mistrust between the two seem to have subsided, they're still a bit on the edge.

The move to Brooklyn has suited the show well and I'm sure New Yorkers get a small kick out of hearing little local bits like stories about drinking at Warsaw and what not. The view of snow falling in the two windows behind the confessional patients is a beautiful backdrop for so much pain.

The season, as I said, has really lived up to expectations and I'm glad that there is no storyline taking over the whole show. The lawsuit story had the potential to do so but thankfully producers have kept the story going without turning the whole show over to it.

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