Friday, May 15, 2009

Warner Purchases Screen Rights To Primeval

Primeval, which I previously posted about here, will be returning to BBC America this Saturday for it's third season and today Variety announced that Warner Bros has picked up the movie rights to the ITV hit.

No word on anything yet, of course, as it's waaaaay too early, except that one of the producers was a script writer of Angel and Demons who's also producing a prequel, with Will Smith, of I Am Legend. At this point, other than the fact that the deal is worth a high six figures, who's to say the movie will even be made. Picking up screen rights is not a guarantee but I would hope that the same actors and writers would be involved. The show is high-budgeted and great for TV, though not quite big screen quality, so lot's of work would have to be done on it.

According to the Variety article, producers of the show are also shopping the idea of a duplicate series that takes place somewhere other than the UK, though seeing as the show already airs pretty much worldwide, I can't quite see that working out too well. I know that's what I also said years ago about The Office, but once the basic premise is out how much can you really change?

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