Monday, May 11, 2009

Weeds Season 5 Promos

Weeds will be returning to Showtime on June 8th for it's fifth season. I started watching the show way back when it first started and knew it was a winner right off the bat. The first four seasons really transported Nancy from an iced coffee sipping suburban mom to a full scale drug cartel dealer.

My one complaint about Weeds is that they don't change things up fast enough. The difference between a really good show and an amazing show is the ability of it's producers and writers to know when to change things up before the show gets stale. Unfortunately for Weeds, I tend to ween in and out of love with the show because they just don't time the changes right - they wait until the show gets stale to change it up.

Two things the show does have going for it are the writers great humor and Mary-Louis Parker. These may not be as great as last seasons nude MLP promos, but here you go:

Other season 5 goodies include a countdown widget and some really weird videos posted to Facebook.

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