Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Dexter Season Four Poster

Amazing poster advertising season 4 of Showtime's Dexter appeared around the web today. Apparently some people think it's fake, though I'm not sure why. Seems legit to me. I'm not cool enough to get official press information from Showtime, so I can only guess.

The poster, real or not, is quite brilliant. Obviously the artwork is about Dexter's upcoming fatherhood, which I'm sure will play a big part in the show's fourth season, along with the Trinity Killer.

Season four of Dexter is set to premiere September 27th, which I believe is still a Sunday, the same timeslot the show has occupied since it's pilot. Could you imagine how good the world would be if Sunday nights consisted of HBO's True Blood at 9pm and Showtime's Dexter at 10pm. That's probably too much amazing commercial free goodness to handle, so they keep Sookie in the summer and Dex in the fall. It's for our own safety, I'm sure.


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