Monday, June 15, 2009

Preview: TNT's Wedding Day

Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to a reality show. All that huffing and puffing I've done in the past about reality television hasn't gone away but from what I'm hearing, I may actually like this one.

The show in question is TNT's first ever foray into non-scripted television, Wedding Day. Produced by reality king Mark Burnett and Dreamworks, along with a producer of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Wedding Day seems like it just may be the rare reality show that makes it onto the DVR's of even the staunchest reality haters.

The clip below doesn't show too much of the show's style, but gives you a good idea of what kind of story the show will be telling on a weekly basis: Holiie and Steve, of Saginaw, MI., were set to tie the knot when Hollie was thrown into a six day coma and forced into a wheel chair for six months from a last minute auto accident. Steve rose to the occasion, caring for, helping and cheering Hollie on throughout her recovery.

The story is laid out by the bride and groom, as well as their family and friends. I'm predicting a real tear jerker here, so stock up a weekly supply of tissues.

What the clip does not feature are the two hosts, celeb wedding and event planners Diann Valentine and Alan Dunn, and how they go about serving up the perfect wedding day for the couple. I can only assume, though, that the over the top screaming, bullhorns and hoopla of Extreme Makeover will be tossed aside for a more graceful approach. Aleast that's what I'm hoping.

A fellow TV blogger who's seen the pilot twittered this: Mark Burnett Throws a Good 'Wedding' (shows me I can like reality TV ... sometimes):

So I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for this show. It kicks off tomorrow on what could arguably be called TNT's biggest night of the summer season with the premiere of Jada Pinkett Smith's new medical drama HawthoRNe and the return of Holly Hunter in season 3 of Saving Grace. Pinkett Smith and Hunter back to back is an impressive feat for TNT - along with the Monday night pairing of Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer and Raising The Bar's Jane Kaczmarek the network really seems to be making a name for itself with very strong female characters.

Wedding Day, HawthoRNe and Saving Grace all premiere tomorrow, Tuesday June 16th on TNT. My DVR's ready, is yours?

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