Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reveille Pickups Up Icelandic Show

This came as kind of a surprise to me as just the other day I was wondering if they had original programming in Iceland.  I questioned if they did or not because the country only has about 300,000 people.  Then again, before their economy imploded, they seemed to have everything most larger countries have, so I concluded in my mind that they must.
And today comes news that Reveille Productions has picked up "the most successful local comedy series in Iceland's television history."  That's really not saying much, of course, because the population is so small and who knows what kinda programming it's up against.  The premise, though, does sound interesting: three graveyard shift gas station employees and the weird customers they serve.  According to The Live Feed the show "uses the parade of gas station customers to touch on social issues."  That's the part that interests me the most, though as a former graveyard shift gas station attendant, I'm sure I'll find a lot to laugh about.
Here's hoping Reveille does a good job of "Americanizing" the show.  I was worried when word first came out for the U.S. version of The Office.  Obviously, they did really well with that.  Other than The Office, though, I'm not much a Reveille fan.  Their latest comedy offering, Kath & Kim, was...I don't even know what to say.  I made it about half way through the excruciating first episode before removing the series from my DVR. 

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