Saturday, July 11, 2009

Preview: ABC's Defying Gravity

We have to admit, this show kind of snuck up on us here at DVR Life. With all the talk of the summer television season in late spring and how cable would be ruling the season we have to admit that we didn't hear anything about this show until just a week or so ago.

Our ears first perked up at the mention of Ron Livingston. Then we heard it was from the producers of Grey's Anatomy and also starring Laura Harris of Dead Like Me. All good, if not consistent (Grey's crew doing sci-fi?), things to hear.

Both clips are rather similar but there's some different footage in each. The trailers don't tell you much about the plot, only that there's zero gravity sex, someone yelling "Zoe!" and Ron Livingston is billed as a hot American hero, so we'll fill you in:

In the near future an international crew of astronauts (four men, four women: imagine that!) take off on a six year space mission covering the eight billion miles to Venus. The reasons for the mission, though, are being billed as "mysterious".

The series will be a mix of flashbacks, spot lighting the astronaut's path to being chosen for the flight, and the present.

Defying Gravity premieres with a two hour episode on August 2nd before taking it's usual Sunday 10pm time slot.

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