Thursday, July 9, 2009

Skins Finally Returning To BBC America

Rejoice teen-soap lovers as BBC America has finally lined up gritty brit-hit Skins to return for a third season. The series is perhaps the most realistic teen-soap to ever hit small screens, following a group of Bristol teens through their junior and senior years before heading off to college or real life.

The show picked up tons of flack from critics during it's first season, many claiming that the stories were unrealistic and overly dramatic...DVR Life would just like to point out that either none of those critics grew up in the early to mid-90's or we and our friends at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Fl. knew how to live exceptionally well because we laugh our asses off while watching Skins, partly because we truly feel "we've been there, done that and love seeing it portrayed on TV all these years later."

For those already initiated to the debauchery of Skins, be forewarned: series 3 features nearly an entire new cast. The only returning face will be Effy, Tony's younger sister who merely put in a few occasional appearances in the first two seasons.

While we came to love Tony, Sid, Anwar, Cassie, Maxxie and all the other generation 1 characters, the producers came up with the rather novel idea of starting all over again with a new line-up of juniors: generation 2. We're still not sure were DVR Life lands on this issue but you have to figure One Tree Hill already pulled the jumping past college thing and The OC had the kinda ridiculous idea of having their characters suddenly change life paths and skip college.

It's a bit refreshing to see writers come up with a new idea.

DVR Life is just happy to have the show back. After series 2 ended on a few very depressing notes last January we were promised a springtime return which never came. BBC America is pretty good at that kinda thing (where's Robin Hood?!?) so we were elated at this announcement.

Skins series 3 premieres Thursday August 6th on BBC America.

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