Monday, July 27, 2009

Torchwood Gets A Fourth Season

Not much surprise, really. Torchwood has become one of the most talked about shows this summer the world over. It was the number one show five nights in a row in the UK and critics and fans are falling all over themselves to praise it. DVR Life is one of them, too: the freaking show is brilliant and has set itself up as quite possibly one of the greatest sci-fi television shows of all time, in our humble opinion.

So Comic Mix got a hot exclusive when someone from the BBC America ranks let slip that season 4 is in the works.

***SPOILERS*** If you haven't watched the end of season 2 or Children of Earth yet, beware.

Season 2 ended with Owen & Toshiko being killed off and poor Ianto only made it to day four of Children of Earth. Captain Jack took off for the stars and Gwen is pregnant. Not much of an elite supernatural hunting force these days, are they?

Who knows where the show will go from here. With Russell T. Davies at the helm, no matter where they end up, I'm sure it'll be good.

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  1. I hoping they bring back Ianto and give a new team to torchwood. The black girl play a good member just like toshiko so. I hope they do that! Alot of fan's like me was mad at the situation about the killing off of the Ianto if the third season and Jack just going into the star's. So they think its turning into the Gwen show's. I like Gwen little bit but Ianto and Jack better because this what make the show fun, action and their relationship.

  2. I know there was a rumour at the end of Season 2 that Owen and Tosh although died were going to come back somehow. I think that Jack will come back from the stars with some sort of device that will take them to a parallel time and place and he'll bring all 3 of them back to present day earth. At least that's my hope!