Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AOL's Best of The 80's

AOL posted a feature today: Best TV Shows of The 80's. While I was much too young to watch many of these shows at the time I have to admit that the list brought alot of memories.

I'm impressed that they decided to include shows that were on the very edge, shows that may have been known more for being early 90's hits but that premiered in the late 80's.

Going through the list made me realize just how early my viewing tastes were formed. While I may not be inclined to tuned into MacGyver if it were to premier next week, I'd definitely be setting my DVR for Magnum P.I. and Fraggle Rock. Other notables that brought forth a smile: Katie and Allie, Remington Steele, Simon & Simon, Quantum Leap, Newhart, Family Ties, L.A. Law, M*A*S*H., The Cosby Show, thirtysomething and Cheers.

I'll be truthful, though, and admit that I only just started watching thirtysomething. I was sevensomething when the show premiered, so you can't really blame me. By the way, seeing as thirtysomething never came out on DVD and is not streaming anywhere (and trust me, I've looked), any suggestions on where to get episodes? I've managed to find the first 11 of season 1 on...ahem...a well known site for getting things for free but that's only 11 out of 85.


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