Sunday, April 12, 2009

Delayed Blogging Saturday Night Live 04-11-09

0:00 - No laughing. You usually hear the audience chuckling when NBC first cuts to the live feed from whatever commercials were running.

0:05 - I can't help from forming a big smile each time I hear them yell "Live from New York..."

0:05 - I can't help but get jealous when they introduce Fred Armisen. He's dating (engaged?") to Elisabeth Moss from The West Wing
/Mad Men. Anyone else notice that the current rep actors are all men except Kristen Wiig? I'm surprised Casey Wilson hasn't been promoted yet.

0:06 - Having never seen any of the High School Musicals I'm unfamiliar with Zac Efron (save for his How To Kill A Party video that's been floating around), but if Justin Timberlake has taught us anything, boy band types can actually be funny.

0:09 - Not sure if it was nationally broadcast, but I thought the Chili's P.J. Bland's commercial was a sketch (anyone have a link?).

0:17 - Kinda getting sick of this 4th hour of The Today Show sketch, but this one was funnier than usual. Zac Efron has a not so lame voice.

0:18 - Bummed to see that it'll be over a month before a new episode of SNL, but excited for a Justin Timberlake hosted night.

0:26 - Not a fan of Gilli. She's like a disturbed Little Orphan Annie.

0:28 - Who knew you could get a pretty funny sketch out of junk mail? The sexually transmitted disease bit was hilarious. Jason Sudeikis is great at playing corporate scum. He seems so natural at playing a jerk. He kinda reminds me of Andy Bernard from The Office.

0:30 - Gerbils pounding Jager bombs!

0:31 - Two good sketches in a row. I love it when this show rolls so well.

0:36 - Yeah Yeah Yeahsare a great band and I've loved all their previous releases but I have to admit I was disappointed on first listen to their new album It's Blitz! due to the lack of guitar (though New York and Pitchfork do not agree). Glad to see they aren't lacking right now. Admittedly, though, I do remember this song having the most guitar of the whole album, so we'll see what they play later.

0:41 - Some people seem to think Weekend Update is lacking without Amy Poehler, but I think Seth Meyers has been holding his own.

0:42 - Didn't get the Elijiah(sp?) joke. Anyone take Jewish studies?

0:43 - Don't think I've seen The Gay Couple From New Jersey since The Sopranos went off the air.

0:45 - The Gay Couple From New Jersey agree with my statement about Amy Poehler!

0:48 - I didn't think the B* Blogger sketch was funny the first time around last month (and not because I'm a blogger), but I have to admit "Zac What the F is Wrong" was kinda funny.

0:55 - Couple of good laugh out loud jokes.

1:03 - Truth telling about High School Musical was funny but I'm still waiting for a Digital Video Short (usually the highlight of the show) - I'm guessing Andy Samberg and Zac Efron could be really funny together.

1:09 - I publicly announce my crush on Casey Wilson, even if she runs freakishly fast and eats live fish.

1:15 - Fred Armisen's crazy mother character, Norita(sp?), would be a good recurring role. I can see her in a lot of future sketches. I bet he had fun beating on a tween idol. Who hasn't dreamt of such fun?

1:17 - I'm sure Best of Amy Poehler will have some great laughs.

1:20 - I was right! I knew that was the beginning to Maps, but I thought "No way they'd played that!" REALLY excited YYY's are playing one of my favorite songs of theirs....But also really confused. This song was three or so releases ago. I wonder why they didn't play another track off their new album. Could it be the lack of guitars? But then why not something off their previous album, the guitar heavy Show Your Bones (Gold Lion, maybe)? Of all the times I've seen them performing this song, though, I gotta say it's much better with the usual light show. Good song, just used to seeing it flashy and glam-y and rose-y. The sound wasn't that great, either, though SNL is known for that.

1:25 - Is that the Growing Pains set? Creepy sketch.

1:35 - No Digital Short! But still a good episode.

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