Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elisabeth Moss For Excedrin?

I'm fast forwarding through the commercials while watching last night's episode of The Unusuals when I catch just a glimpse. I rewind, go back, start the commercial over. It's her - I was right. Elizabeth Moss. Holding a bottle of Excedrin and talking about migraine relief.

At first I'm thinking, are things really that bad? From the few commercials I inadvertently catch now and then, I have been noticing more recognizable actors. Usually that guy or girl you've seen with a bit part in Law & Order or some sitcom, you have no idea what their name is but you know you've seen them with one or two line parts in a couple dozen shows throughout the years. It's just something you notice with a bad economy.

That's one thing but when you see someone like Elisabeth Moss, known for The West Wing and currently one of the major parts of a buzzed about show like Mad Men it can be kind of a shock. I thought to myself, once you see an actor accepting an Emmy you shouldn't really see them in commercials. In the states, anyway.

But then I thought about it and did some research. The commercial is a couple years old and Excedrin has just now decided to start using them again. I would assume due to Ms. Moss' new found fame. I wonder if she had to approve use of them again or if Excedrin can just pull them out at any time.

See part of the commercial here.

Get them at iTunes: Mad Men, The West Wing, The Unusuals.

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1 comment:

  1. I just did the same spit-take, googled to confirm, it brought me here. Thanks for the info.