Sunday, April 12, 2009


Slim pickings tonight (Sunday), people. As usual, CBS is running behind due to sports (golf, I believe), so adjust your DVR's as necessary The Unit and Cold Case fans.

I've actually given up watching Cold Case due to so many episodes being cutoff because of sports. I try to DVR The Unit and sometimes I remember to fix the end time but usually it's torrent time! Hopefully now that I no longer work Sunday nights my average will get better.

And don't forget Breaking Bad. While I love this show, it's one of the few that I prefer to backup a bit on my DVR and watch a few episodes back to back.

House. I'm hoping they don't waste too much time on House's murder theory. While last week's episode was quite fantastic, I thought that was the one weak part.

24. It's getting really late! Jon Voight was scarily awesome last week as Jonas Hodges and I'm hoping he keeps it up for this episode. I'm also hoping someone finally sees Olivia Taylor as the snake she seems to be. I'm wondering if this week may finally see the return of Kim Bauer, too. Hopefully so.

Medium. Ah, Allison, the love of my life. A little back and forth this week as Allison gets to relive her pregnancy. It was rather disturbing when Marie crept into Allison and Joe's bedroom with that gun. Now we get to see pre-Marie.

Castle. Last week we were treated an ice pop druggie that no one bothered looking for and this week we are given a ritualistic killing. Behold the ups and downs of the modern cop drama.

Saving Grace. We're creeping up on Leon's final hours - will Grace have a revelation and step in? I'm wondering how rough the back and forth between Leon and Earl as time reaches the midnight hour.

Fringe. I still haven't watched last week's episode. I had to download the torrent after returning home from work to realize the last 7 or so minutes were cut off by the ultimate in "illiterate programming". Way to force me into being illegal, Fox.

Rescue Me. Ah, finally. After a really lengthy hiatus, last week's episode was chock full of back story and a few new surprises. I don't about anyone else but Chief Feinberg has been creeping me out. Obviously, Tommy's gonna keep his job or there wouldn't be a show but I suspect the upcoming Section 8 hearing will be a laugher. I'm really looking forward to Tommy learning of Black Shawn and his daughters relationship, as well.

Cupid. We're up to the third episode and I'm digging it. Sarah Paulson is not quite as cute as she was in Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip due to her characters jaded attitude but Bobby Cannavale's sweetly determined Eros/Trevor balances her out quite well.

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