Friday, April 17, 2009

Timberlake and Ferrell To Finish SNL Season 34

With Saturday Night Live's 34th season coming to a close Lorne Michaels has really set up what could appear to be two season finale's - a double bang, if you will.

As I pointed out in a previous post, the next new episode of Saturday Night Live is not until May 9th. The wait sucks but Justin Timberlake's hosting and that's a pretty great thing. Throughout this last season he's made numerous unannounced appearances and I gotta say, they were all pretty damn funny. He's able to take on pretty much any persona writers throw at him and doesn't mind looking like an ass. Best part is, though, he's not just another star stepping on stage for the applause - he's there for the laughs.

The New York Observer may have said it first, but I was certainly thinking it: JT should be on the SNL cast. In my opinon, Andy Samberg is probably one of the funniest of the current rep actors and he and Justin work really well together, as evidenced by their Cathy sketch on Weekend Update, Dick In A Box. et al. Darrell Hammond may be more versatile but Samberg's had some great material this season and I think JT and Samberg teaming up on another Digital Video Short is bound to provide plenty of laughs.

And now it's been announced that the following week's season finale will be hosted by SNL alumnus Will Ferrell. While Ferrell sometimes crosses the line between funny and just silly, he's usually fantastic and his energy can't be beat. He often makes me think of a non-overweight Chris Farley.

Should be a funny two weeks.

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