Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let It Go Starring Lauren Graham and Jeffrey Tamboor

Sometimes signing up for random internet ads actually pays off. A few months ago I ordered a pizza online and at the end, after confirming and paying for the order, a little box popped up asking me to fill out a survey, which I did. At the end of that survey they asked if I'd like to participate in various surveys from time to time and get "rewards", magazine subscriptions and whatnot. Having a terribly boring job I decided to do so and who knew, just a few months later I'd be asked to watch and fill out a survey on a TV show.

They asked me all sorts of questions about my viewing habits and then the show started without giving me any hint of what I was about to watch. Immediately, a smile formed on my face as the very first thing I see is a smiling Lauren Graham. Fantastic as I'm a big fan of hers.

Now, I'm probably going to be banned from future surveys for posting this at all so you'd think I'd go ahead and do a full review and recap of the series, but as my blog description says, I hate spoilers so I'm not gonna do that. I'll just layout the basic information and a few thoughts.

Lauren Graham stars as a famous relationship guru with a best selling book and TV talk show, both entitled Let It Go. She dates a famous guy, though you're never told what he's famous for, gives up her show to be with him and they break up. Now Bridget, Lauren's character, tends to fib sometimes and also does not follow her own relationship advice. She's joined by her personal assistant played by Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip's Lucy Davis, her manager, played by a grumpy Jeffrey Tambor, and his assistant who is also Bridget's ex-boyfriends ex-pothead nephew.

She also has a rival relationship guru who used to be a guest on her show but took over when Bridget left to be with her boyfriend. Bridget now struggles to get her career and personal life back on track.

The show itself was pretty funny. The dialogue could have been a bit wittier and it didn't seem like the rival guru could keep up with Lauren Graham's pace but the other characters were likable and funny and the actors worked their talents well. I wish Lucy Davis would have been given some comedic lines but the ex-pothead nephew had a few good lines. Jeffrey Tambor's character fits well with what you're used to see him play but I definitely thought he should have had more screen time.

I don't know when the show is set to air, but I am aware of the fact that it's for ABC as Lauren Graham has a deal with the network after her NBC deal fell through. After watching just the pilot I would say the show definitely has potential, but you know how ABC is - if the show isn't pulling 900 million viewers a week they'll ax it.

The network simply has too high standards for comedic sitcoms these days and has to realize that the days of Family Ties pulling 30 million viewers just isn't happening anymore. I could go on and on about how the Nielsens are ridiculously outdated or never worked in the first place or how internet streaming and torrent downloading is killing TV and whatnot. The fact is the networks haven't kept pace with society and good shows, actors, writers, producers, production staff, etc, are paying the price for that.

I'd love to see Lauren Graham return to TV and to see good sitcoms treated fairly but all we can do is cross our fingers and hope the networks start hiring people that know how to do business in these days, not the 80's.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Love the scoop, er information, ;) about our girl Lauren. Totally agree with you on shows chances, etcetera. Sometimes it takes time to build an audience, but in this instant society, no patience is allowed. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed as well.

  2. Was Lauren good? Was she basically repeating Lorelai? Also is the show more comparable to a '30 Rock' or an 'Ugly Betty'. I'm hoping for the latter. I want Lauren to be on a show with some bite not something frilly and trite.

  3. I meant I'm hoping the show is more in vien of '30 Rock' than 'Ugly Betty' or 'Samantha Who'

  4. Truthfully, the show was a bit more like Ugly Betty than 30 Rock. If they made the dialogue a bit wittier that would be fixed, though. And yeah, her character is somewhat Lorelai like, only desperate and unsure of herself.