Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kelly Kapoor Scores NBC Deal

Mindy Kaling, who you probably know as Kelly Kapoor, the very annoying, very talkative customer service rep from The Office has just signed a deal with NBC, reportedly worth seven figures for two years.

Variety compares Kaling and the deal to Tina Fey several times. Word is Kaling will still write for, star in, and co-executive produce The Office next season while working on a new comedy series starring herself. I assume she'll also executive produce that series, as well.

Kaling told Variety that she leans towards single camera comedies (as do I) and work place settings but that she's also open to multi-camera setups and buddy comedies ala Flight of The Concords.

Leaning away from work place comedies would probably be a good idea as The Office and 30 Rock has already locked that up. Parks And Recreation is pretty decent, but I think they've stretched the work place thing a bit far for that series. Really, have any of the Parks And Recreation plots been very different from previous The Office storylines. Not really. Throw in a third and we'll probably be in trouble.

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