Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HBO's Big Summer

Folks at the HBO camp must be feeling pretty great. The network is riding high on some pretty big ratings this summer, the most impressive being the numbers for season two of vamp-opera True Blood which is reaching a reported average of 10.8 million viewers per episode.

This last week's first airing at 9pm Sunday drew 3.7 million watchers, which ballooned to 5.1 if you add in the second showing. Throw in DVR's and HBO On Demand and the network is coming up with that 10.8 number, which is a near 40% bump (38% to be exact) over the first season.

The network is also probably elated with the big numbers for it's newest scripted original show, Hung, which premiered to 2.8 million viewers. Throw in the second showing and all told the show was watched by 3.7 million. It managed to hold 76% of the True Blood lead-in and is reportedly the largest premiere for HBO since John From Cincinnati, which, while the show ended up bombing, premiered strong on the back of The Soprano's series finale.

Congrats, HBO, on a banner month.

Now let's get ready for the return of Entourage with it's sixth season premiering July 12th. This season will see some new additions to the cast and some guest stars. Joining the show full time will be Kate Mara of 24 and Brokeback Mountain as E's new assistant, The OC's Autumn Reeser as a junior agent at Ari's agency, and Gary Cole who's been in everything from The West Wing and Office Space to Kim Possible.

And speaking of The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin, creator of WW, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, Sports Night, etc, will make a guest appearance as himself. Other notables playing themselves this season will include Lil' Wayne, Zac Efron and a whole bunch of sports stars.

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