Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ABC Goes Old School With Castle

I'm not sure if this should be listed under "Hey that was my idea", "Good use of corporate synergy" or "Way to think outside the box."

ABC has announced that they'll be publishing the latest Richard Castle novel. You're pretty familiar with the literary world and you're wondering who's Richard Castle? Well, then you're probably reading the wrong blog. Richard Castle is the fictional best-selling crime novelist and namesake of ABC's cop dramedy Castle. If you missed the series' freshman season last year, here's a pretty good reason to get caught up.

ABC is teaming up with publishing company Hyperion who is owned by Disney, ABC's parent company to publish the first real Richard Castle novel, entitled "Heat Wave", first on the net and then in print. The ABC website will debut the first chapter August 10th and then premiere one new chapter each week for a total of 10 weeks. The full novel will then be published by Hyperion on September 29th.

The novel will be a stand alone tale that relates to the actual TV show. No word on who is actually writing the novel.

And we here at DVR Life would just like to say that we totally thought of this. Well, while watching Castle last season, we actually thought to ourselves how cool it would be if the writers of the show would publish an e-book version of the novels the characters would talk about on the show...You know, just for fun. ABC, of course, has to go all money making style and actually publish a real book, but you know...Maybe Mickey Mouse can read our thoughts or something.

The second season of Castle is set to debut Monday September 21st.

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