Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hilary Duff Coming To The Upper East Side

Ausiello just broke the news
that Hilary Duff will be joining the cast of Gossip Girl for multiple episodes next season. While the mention of tween stars tend to elicit eye rolling and groans here at DVR Life headquarters, Duff's guest appearance on Law & Order: SVU last season was...dare we say...surprisingly good. If I recall correctly her character was obscenely annoying and we just wanted to smack some sense into her, which is a pretty good testimonial for Ms. Duff's acting chops.

Her run begins October 5th, the fourth episode of the teen soap's third season, as Olivia Burke, a real life movie star attending NYU. According to Ausiello, she'll be roomies with Vanessa and he's keeping his fingers crossed for some romance between Olivia and Lonely Boy.

Can't wait to hear Gossip Girl's nickname for Olivia. We're also looking forward to some passive and not so passive aggression towards the actress on Blair's part. Surely there'll be jealously flying all over the Upper East Side.

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