Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Preview: USA's White Collar

Here's a preview clip of USA's new fall series, White Collar. We here at DVR Life are pretty excited by the clip and rather gaga over the cast, too. We're definitely looking forward to seeing Tim DeKay as FBI Agent Peter Stokes and Matt Bomer as slick con-man Neal Caffrey.

Both actors are favorites of ours and the addition of Tiffany Thiessen is quite spectacular, as well. While she may have dropped the "Amber" from her name, she will always be remembered as a highlight of our tween years. We are no where near ashamed to admit that, while Zack and Screech both ruled (in their own way, of course), Ms. Kelly Kapowski was by the far the main attraction when watching Saved By The Bell.

P.S. We totally stole that screen grab from here via a Google Image search.

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