Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome Back, Leverage!

We here at DVR Life love when a good series returns. Especially during the summertime. Living down in a swamp where oppressive humidity and blaring heat make it near impossible to venture outside really makes us appreciate a good TV show. Thankfully, TNT's Leverage is back for it's second season so we have a good reason to keep our curtains drawn tight and the A/C down low for another hour.

The plucky crew of Leverage returns for a second season, each crew member fresh off world-wide thieving adventures, acting failures, computer-hacking accomplishments and mercenary escapades. The crew's leader, Nate Ford, is having a hard time, though. The season opens with Nate being walked through an insurance office where he seems to have just landed a lucrative job. Thankfully Nate is a mess, or he wouldn't have been there to pull survivors from a burning car wreck that just flipped over his head as he literally ran from a life of cubicle dwelling and towards the nearest bar.

When that car accident turns out to be a case of sabotage (yikes! who would have guessed!?!) Nate is reluctantly drawn back in by his raring to go team mates who, to his dismay, take over his shi-shi loft apartment, and begin planning revenge for those wronged.

The new season seems to be headed in much the same direction as the first, though we have to point out that the characters seem a bit more polished, in a good way. We're always glad to see characters become stronger, not as annoying and/or more appealing, as the writers seem to have done over the show's hiatus.

If you have yet to catch Leverage, I think you'll be able to jump in rather easily. Thieves find a heart and become addicted to helping the powerless who have been wronged by those in a position of power: it's a Robin Hood for the current boom and bust days and nothing more than an intricate con and blow-you-away thievery skills will make up for it.

Leverage returns to TNT tonight, Wednesday July 15th at 9pm (EST).

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  1. Last night's premiere was so flat, almost as flat as the awful clothes and hair, no chemistry at all. What a major bummer, I loved this show. Someone please tell me it was just that one episode and things will go back to normal next week.