Sunday, July 26, 2009

SyFy Sets Caprica Premiere

SyFy PR must be racking up the overtime this weekend. They're all over San Diego Comic-Con with street teams, a faux-Cafe Diem and lot's of swag. They also announced a fourth season of Eureka and the premiere date for Battlestar Galactica-kin Caprica.

If you're a sci-fi or TV geek, you've probably already seen the two hour premiere of Caprica, which has already been released on DVD (way back in April). The full series is set to kick off with a showing of that two hour special on January 22, 2010 at 9pm. The show will then take up it's predeccessor's 10pm time slot on Friday evenings.

Maybe now that Battlestar related television is returning, everyone will shut up about SyFy airing "mindless" sci-fi shows. DVR Life does not find Warehouse 13 or Eureka mindless; we find them awesome and fun and get sick of people expecting mock-U.N. meetings out of every series on the network.

Here's some video clips:

(Take note: The second video is supposed to be the Comic-Con trailer but the embed code on the SyFy player seems to be a bit off. If the second video is the same as the first, click here for the Comic-Con trailer)

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