Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Medium Producers Fire Back At NBC

Don't get your hopes up just yet, kids. "Medium" is still technically canceled. NBC surprisingly axed the relatively high performing, good quality drama and right away rumors started circulating that the show could gain a new home at CBS.

It wasn't long before an LA Times blog had posted that such a deal had been struck, and various blogs and other news sources followed their lead before LA Times had to admit no deal had been reached yet. What they did have, though, was a great quote from the show's studio, CBS Studios, which actually says pretty much what my previous post did only more eloquently.

The quote: "NBC's cancellation of 'Medium' is inexplicable to us. The ratings don't lie. 'Medium' outperforms many of NBC's renewed shows. Despite inconsistent scheduling, 'Medium,' under the creative vision of Glenn Gordon Caron, one of the most preeminent producers in television, has always performed with distinction both creatively and commercially. Multiple-award-winning actress Patricia Arquette and the cast have delivered a stellar series for five consistent seasons. The awards and ratings speak for themselves. We believe the show has a significant future and await developments."

TV Squad made it sound like the CBS network released that quote, which would amount to a war of words between the two networks, but that quote is actually from a CBS Studios spokesperson. While the two companies are corporate siblings, I think it's rather important to point out that they are separate entities.

Is it war between Medium producers and NBC? Nah, they've been canceled, the producers spoke up saying what was on most people's mind, the network will probably release a short statement that praises the show but says something about moving on or going in a new direction.

Let's just hope the producers and the CBS network can work something out.

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