Monday, June 15, 2009

ITV Kills Primeval

ITV has killed-off sci-fi hit Primeval after three seasons for an undisclosed reason. The timing to me, seems rather odd.

Just a few weeks ago Warner Bros. purchased the screen rights to the series for a possible movie. There was also talk of international versions being created, especially a U.S. one.

The show seemed to be doing well with international syndication, appearing in 32 countries outside the UK, including airing on two networks, both Sci Fi and BBC America, here in the states. Both seasons 1 and 2 have been released on DVD worldwide with season 3 having just been released for Region 2 this month and region 1 coming in September.

On top of all this, there were also 13 published books (8 teen-oriented novels and 5 activity books) with two more on the way and a line of toys.

Worst of all: Season 3 ended on a cliff hanger!

Just seems like an odd time to end the show. A link to the whole store is below, though if you're outside of the UK and season 3 has not ended for you, beware of spoilers:

Total Sci-fi Online

Finally, I'd like to make note that I am very proud of myself for not using cliche puns such as "ITV sends Primeval the way of the dinosaur" or "Primeval goes extinct." Someone should give me a pat on the back for that.

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